Signature Tower Jakarta

The design of Signature Tower Jakarta sets a high standard of luxury development and accommodation. Soaring 638 m with 111 floors above ground, it is a well-integrated tower and mixed-use development with state of the art Architectural Design that is efficient and functional.

As the design has evolved, the small building foot print and appropriate floor areas help to minimize and optimize the use of land and precious building materials. In return, the efficient floor plans help to maximize usable Rental Space and therefore the Owner’s return on investment.

The design of the development is intended to facilitate construction that is a rational and appropriate approach to the Architecture, Structure, and Engineering Concepts that takes into account: Constructibility, Speed of Construction, and Cost.

The design of the development will take into account issues related to the environment and sustainable design, such as striving to reduce the amount of energy consumed (through thoughtful selection of materials and building systems) and maximize the use of recycled materials.

Signature Tower Jakarta is an elegant and contextual design that is intended to become an iconic representation of Jakarta and raise the level of quality for corporate developments in the region and the world.


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