Building Design Inspiration


Signature Tower Jakarta celebrates the Indonesian spirit through the incorporation of the National Day of Independence date, 17 August 1945, into the organization of the tower facade and visible from each side.

Visible during the day, there are 16 highly polished stainless-steel leaves that ascend the corners of each facade to include the singular spire at the summit, representing the 17th day. There are 8 illuminated decorative glass flower buds that step their way up the center of each facade culminating at the 45 meter tall spire, thus symbolizing the 17th day of the 8th month in the 45th year.

Located at the base of the tower and central to the theme are the principal entrance features. Inspired by traditional Indonesian culture, these entry gates are composed of 5 stepped pylons representing the five principals of Pancasila. These principles serve as the foundation from which the budding flower and leaves (Pancasila) spread from the corners of the tower as it rises to culminate at the single central spire – representing a united Indonesian people; hence the principles spreading from the base of the tower, upward and out to all corners of Indonesia.

In the evening on national holidays, we envision the 16 leaves and spire would be outline with white LED lights, the 8 glass flower buds lit in red light and the central spire illuminated with alternating 45 red and white LED bands. During non-holidays, the lighting would be able to be changed to suit the particular occasion.


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